Room Spray Apple Jack 'n Peel - 4 ounce bottle


I can remember exactly where I was when I discovered the amazing scent of Apple Jack and Peel. I was standing in J C Penney and I had picked up a package of potpourri scented with this amazing primitive scent. I immediately fell in love with the it. To this day it remains my very favorite - no matter the season.

Apple Jack 'n Peel a classic primitive scent with multi-layered notes of fresh apples with a top note of rich spices and a hint of tangy orange.

Our room sprays are made with the same scents that we use in our candles. They are very highly scented. A couple of sprays will scent your room for 30-60 minutes depending on the scent. They are non-alcohol and non aerosol.

Please do not use these as body sprays. Do not spray directly on furniture or carpeting.

These make great teacher gift, Mom gifts, housewarming or anytime gifts.

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