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It was September 16, 1986. Heavy rains fell in our area and the farmers lost any crops that hadn’t been harvested. Most of our dry beans were still in the fields when the rains came. Our kids were fairly young at the time and we decided that Christmas that year would be a handmade one. It turned out to be one of our best Christmases. We made homemade candy and other goodies. This began a tradition that we still carry on today.

In 2005, we (the girls and I) decided to do some craft shows. Our first ones were duds. We had a lot to learn, and each show taught us some valuable lessons. We finally decided to sell only things that we love – that way, anything that didn’t sell still had a loving home.

We started out with our handmade goodies and gradually added things that are my favorites – candles and scented goods. I spent a lot of time researching and learning to make handmade soap – the kind grandma used to make. (Well, not MY grandma – I was raised in the city – but certainly my husband’s grandma.) There is just something about handmade soap. And with each batch I cure, I love it even more.

The girls and I have each kind of settled down into our own crafting niches. The girls mainly handle the food products for our shows (except for fudge - I am the fudge queen), and I do the candles, soaps, and most of the non-food items. Anna is our packaging and label designer, Melisa is our creative consultant in addition to her food duties. Summer (niece) and Kelli (daughter-in-law) assist us at craft shows and during time crunches. Nicola lives the furthest away and helps out when she can. She gives us creative ideas and cheers us on.

The “sugar bush” handle comes from the fact that we are an operating sugar bush. We tap trees and boil sap during late winter. Our highlight of the year is our participation in the Shepherd Maple Syrup festival. We are becoming known for our quality goods.

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